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    2. 均勻性好
      Fast technology update
      Long-term cooperation with large component manufacturers
      Low-power design
      The selection of components meets the requirements of low power consumption
      Simple and reliable
      The circuit is simple, and the maintenance is particularly convenient
      High circuit integration
      High precision, fast sampling speed, high integration
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      Feature of product

      According to the actual situation of the Chinese market, our company has always adhered to this principle in product research and development: ordinary weighing products such as electronic price computing scales should be simple, reliable, and durable on the basis of ensuring quality. At the same time, they should be easy to provide for the general public. Acceptable price. "High quality and good price", this is our unremitting pursuit, and it is also the characteristic of our products. In circuit design, we abandon the traditional double integral circuit and adopt the sigma-delta conversion technology with superior performance and simple and reliable circuit. In other respects, we also try our best to avoid complicated and complicated designs, and try to simplify the ones that can be simplified as much as possible. Of course, simplicity does not mean low quality. The premise of "simple" and "high quality" is to have strong technical accumulation and development capabilities. It is precisely under the painstaking research of a group of technical personnel with more than ten years of professional development experience in the company. The design of the company’s products is getting simpler and simpler, but its technical content is getting higher and higher. It is worth mentioning that the core technology of our company has been transferred to many domestic professional weighing instrument manufacturers to develop high performance that meets market needs. Weighing products.

      Technical characteristics

      The circuit is highly integrated, simple and reliable

      Adopts the world's advanced Σ-Δ incremental modulation monolithic integrated AD conversion technology. Compared with the traditional double integral circuit adopted by most weighing instrument manufacturers, it has high precision and fast sampling speed. , High integration, simple circuit, particularly convenient maintenance, etc., especially the long-term reliability and interchangeability of the circuit, which ensures the stable quality of mass production.

      Low-power design

      Product design closely follows the development trend of electronic technology. From sensor power supply circuit, host circuit design to device selection, all meet the requirements of low power consumption. Among them, the?"very low power electronic scale" that?only needs 3 dry batteries a year?The patented technology of the product, this indicator is in a leading position among similar weighing instruments at home and abroad.

      Timely tracking of new technologies and providing cost-effective weighing circuit solutions.

      Our company orders nearly 1 million CPUs, ADCs and other major components per year, helping the company establish long-term and stable cooperative relationships with component manufacturers such as TI, ADI, and CIRRUS. Technicians can get new technical information at the first time and apply it in new product development in time. It is worth mentioning that the main chips currently used by our company are all specially designed for our company after the chip developers of these international manufacturers come to listen to their opinions. The models are named after the "YS" mark. In the development of the chip, they often choose or refer to our product design as a cost-effective weighing circuit solution and recommend it to other customers, which reflects the recognition of these international manufacturers on our "cost-effective weighing circuit technology".